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Posted by crosstimberscabins on May 29, 2012 at 6:20 PM Comments comments (0)

I'm going to leave this post up on the blog because it was one of our most favorites, but Betos has CLOSED as of July 21, 2012.  The owner wanted to move back to Arizona to be close to family (and who can argue with that) We ate there on their final night and wished them well.

OK, Betos is one of our top recommendations for the area. They are over in Branson West so its a bit of a drive from here. (probably 25-30 minutes. Unless you're already visiting Silver Dollar City or something else over on that side of Branson.) They call their food, "authentic Sonoran style Mexican food." I don't know what makes it "that" but it is made up of their family recipies handed down through at least 3 generations. All of the food is made to order as its ordered so the wait is a little more than usuall but not bad. (and well worth it) They have flavors I have never tasted before and if you are a first time guest, they will prepare a sample plate of the unusual dishes for you to try before you order. The food is superb and fresh. If you are there and order an evening dinner meal, dessert comes with it and varies by the night. The desserts will melt in your mouth whether they are pies or cakes. If you're here at the cabins and decide on taking a drive, Betos is definitely worth it.

Pizza Cellar

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The Pizza Cellar is another of Rockaway's "Specialties". Its been here forever and has a reputation that keeps people coming back, even from long distances. The name fits. It's located in the rather dark basement of the building and has kind of a "cellar" feel about it. There is a bar there and they do allow smoking so if you have a problem with that then it may not be the place for you. The Pizza is very good although occasionally the crust is really tough. I can't quite figure that out. Over all the prices are about the same as any good Pizza restaurant and it mostly stacks up to the good Pizza joints. They have pastas and sandwiches that I've tried that are okay, but I still stick to the pizza. They do carry out so a lot of our guests order and pick it up to eat at the cabin or out by the campfire ring. They are only a block away from the cabins so its very convienient for our guests. We enjoy their pizzas often and recommend everyone try The Pizza Cellar out at least once while in the area.

White River Grille

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The White River Grille is one of the Restaurants right here in Rockaway and one of our favorites. They are only about a minute drive from the cabins and right on the lake. The menu has a lot of the normal breakfast, lunch and dinner options but they also include a nice selection of ethnic and European dishes that you wouldn't expect from a homestyle cafe.The best part is that I don't know if Bill considers himself a Chef or not but the food definitely has a "Chef Prepared" flavor about it. You will be pleasantly surprised at how good it all is. Shelley's favorite is the Praline Rainbow Trout. My breakfast favorite is (don't laugh) Creamed Beef on Toast. They also have excellent Prime Rib with Yorkshire Pudding. My personal weakness is the "Hog Wild" tenderloin which is way much larger than the bun its served on (actually it bigger than the whole plate! We have tried only about half the menu so far and its all been good. They are closed Monday and Tuesday. Make sure you stop in at least once while you're in town.

Grannys Restaurant

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We tried Grannys on Shepherd of the Hills Expy. To keep it simple and to the point..... Choose something else. There are way too many memorable places to eat rather than to waste your time, money and taste buds at Granny's.

Parmesans Pizzeria

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Last night we visited Parmesan's Pizzeria just north of Kimberling City on Hwy 13. Its on the outer limit of our 25 mile radius but it was worth it. The have hand tossed and thin crust. If you're a thin crust fan its some of the best I've had. They use ingredients organically grown a little greenhouse outside. They have indoor and outdoor dining and their deck overlooks Table Rock Lake. Very Good!